...if my souls needs to shed some tears, then let them flow...

miss you...

31. července 2008 v 17:43 | Ettie |  My ´life´ via lyric...
When I'm stuck on the ground
There's a walk only down
Every step sends me falling
Not sure how to begin
How to rise like the wind
So that soon I'll be soaring
I just breathe... and let myself believe
Cuz hope has wings
To carry you
Is possible
Just might be
A miracle...
Waiting to come true
This time, This place
Too long, Too late

Who was I to make you wait???
Just one chance
'Cause you know,
That I love you
I have loved you all along
And I
miss you
Been far away for far too long...
There's another world inside of me
That you may never see
There're secrets in this life
That I can't hide
Somewhere in this darkness

There's a light that I can't find
Maybe it's too far away...
Hold me when I'm scared
And love me when I'm gone...

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