...if my souls needs to shed some tears, then let them flow...

Back in god's hands..

1. září 2007 v 14:11 |  My ´life´ via lyric...
I looked at your face
I saw that all the love had died
I saw that we had forgotten to take the time

I saw that you couldn't care less about what you do
You couldn't care less about the lies
You couldn't find the time to cry
Crying 1

We forgot about love

We forgot about faith

We forgot about trust

We forgot about us

And now our loves floating out the window
Our loves floating out the back door
Our loves floating up in the sky
In heaven where it began
Back in god's hands...
You said that you had said all that you had to say
You said it's the end of the day

We gave a lot
But it wasn't enough
We got so tired
Like we just gave up

We didn't respect it
We went on neglected
We didn't deserve it
But I never expected this
Oh, It didn't last
It's a thing of the past
No, I didn't understand
Just what we had
I want it back
Just what we had...
Rolling Eyes

Our loves floated out the window
Our loves floated out the back door
Our loves floated up in the sky
To heaven it's part of the plan
It's back in god's hands...

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